Explorer Hernando de Soto

By Axel Soto

Biographical Information

The date of birth of De Soto is 1500 in Jerez de Los Caballeros Spain. Death is the sickness by crossing the Mississippi on 1542 May 21.His career is to take over Nicaragua.

Nation he went to

Hernando went to explore the West Indies with Davila governor of Darien. He was invited by Davila.


After he crossed the Mississippi De Soto was struck with fever. He died later on May 21 1542 in Ferriday Louisiana.

What he achieved

Hernando grew up so his parents wanted him to become a lawyer but he told his father he would want to explore. So he got his wish from Davila the governor of Darien. So his accomplishments were to conquer Nicaragua for silver and gold. After that he became a wealthy man.
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Hernando de Soto - Mini Biography


Explorer and conquistador Hernando de soto was born c. 1500 to a noble but a poor family.He was raised at the family manor. A generous patron named Pedro Arias Davila funded de soto education. De soto's family hoped he would become a lawyer. He said he would rather explore the west indies

In accordance with his wish the young soto was invited to join Davila governor of Darien. He was appointed captain of a exploration group. Setting out to Panama to Nicaragua and later Honduras. He quickly proved his worth as an explorer. In 1532 explorer Francisco Pizarro made de Soto second in command on Pizarro's expedition to explore and conquer Peru.

This information influenced me because you can go out in the world. So I was hoping I can do that and see everything.