City life was difficult for working class people


Urbanization caused a big population growth due to people leaving their farms. They left to experience the city life and to find better paying jobs.
-In the 1750's, The British market town of Manchester had a population of 17,000, by 1780, it grew to 40,000 and once again grew to 70,000 in 1801.

Too Many People, OH NO!

More jobs because of factories led to worse living conditions for the workers. People were forced to live in slums and tenements.

-In a usual tenement or slum, 20 families would share one toilet and water pump.

-Because these housing areas were usually partially underground, the sewage from their "upstair neighbors" would seep through the walls, and heavy rainfall would cause major flooding.

-These living areas were very dirty and unsanitary. Most had contaminated water.

-Because of the lack of fresh water, many diseases spread, a common one was Cholera, which is a fatal bacteria disease in the small intestine.

Epidemics were a big problem (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Because people lived so close together, and there was no sanitation system, disease spread very quickly and Epidemics were a large problem.

-In each decade of the 19th Century, Tuberculosis killed 60,00-70,00 lives.

-In 3 months during 1849, 10,000 people living in London died due to Cholera.

-Because of untrained "doctors," the people's health that was treated, declined.

Trial & Error, It Had to start somewhere!

Although conditions were bad and unhealthy, things took a turn for the better in the late 1800's.

-Most extensive Urban renewal was in Paris during 1850. Wide boulevards & Public Buildings were built.

-Sewage systems were built, making cities much healthier to live in...

  • In Paris, sewage lines expanded from 87 miles to 750 miles within the time between 1852 and 1911.
- Skyscrapers were also developed. This development caused more and more people to move to the city because there was more space to live, and since there were multiple floors, it left room for more factories.

The best of city life was eventually brought out, it just took time!