Do you play tackle football? If you do this, this is the equipment you will need. You need a helmet, mouth piece, chin strap, shoulder pads,Knee pads,high socks, and cleats. You need a metal helmet that is tight but not so tight that it hurts,but fits you perfectly. You also need it so you don't get a concussion. You also want a chin strap, it makes your helmet tighter. It is also important to have shoulder pads so you don't dislocate your shoulder and they need to be tight so they don't wiggle around. You need to have knee pads so you don't hurt your knee or dislocate your knee. High socks are very important in football so you don't get brush burns. You also need a pair of cleats so you don't twist your ankle. Cleats can help you run faster and you don't slip with the grips on them.


Do you know how to run in football? If you don't, this chapter will teach you all about running. First, before beginning to run it is important to stretch. You always want to stretch before a game (or practice) so you don't pull a muscle. Now it's time to play! You need to have your hands on your knee pads ready to get the ball. You should run your fastest and try to break though tackles. Your goal is to get a touchdown. If there are a pack of people there is a technique called a '' truck''. To do the truck you need to lower your pads and run full speed you also want to keep your head up and hold the football in one arm. If some people are behind you and you are in the open you can cut to the outside of the field. You can also go to an area that they wouldn't expect you to go to. You also want to do the best you can.
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Special Move '' Juking, stiff arm''

The juking combo is to go full speed,beat your opponent to the football, but the real key is to step to the left or right then go to the opposite side that you stepped to. A little tip is also to go full speed during your JUKE so they can't catch you. There is a different move called a stiff arm. A stiff arm is a very great technique used in football. How you do the stiff arm is by sticking your hand out and hitting them hard with your hand. You also want to push them away from you. If you do the juke and the stiff arm I bet you will get a touchdown.
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