Showtime News!

Lots of information!

Hello Annie Families!

We are moving along nicely, and are getting more and more excited for our first show! I wanted to bring up two very important details this week. The first is the importance of memorizing material quickly, and the second is behavior during rehearsals.

When students come to practice with their material memorized (songs, choreography and speaking lines), they are able to develop their character more and learn blocking more easily. At each practice, we are focusing on voice projection, character development and staging/blocking. If they are holding a script, it prohibits them from getting the best experience for retention. Because of this, I will start sending home weekly assignments to keep them on track. Please work with your child at home! They have fun with you!

Finally, all of us are getting more comfortable in practices and sometimes that allows for more talking and less focus. Please encourage your children to come to practice ready to learn and bring their "A Game"! There might be times when part of the cast has to sit and watch another scene. In those times, they need to sit quietly and listen. If we have any disruptions, we will be letting you know. Thanks for your support in this!

This is a rewarding experience with many life lessons!

Thanks so much for you and your family's commitment to this show!

This Week's Schedule

Time permitting we are hoping to cover the following songs, scenes and choreography this week. Although some of this does not need to be memorized, students should review these parts before Friday.

Speaking Parts- Act 2- Scenes 1, 3, 5 and 6

Music- "Hard Knock Life" (Orphans) "Hooverville" (Act 1 Scene 3-Singers and Annie), "I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here" (Servants/Dancers, Annie and Grace), "Tomorrow" (Presidential Cabinet/Singers/Annie/Warbucks), and "New Deal" (Entire Cast)

Choreography- "I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here" (Servants/Dancers, Annie and Grace), "Hard Knock Life" (Orphans), "Easy Street" (Rooster, Lily and Hannigan), "NYC" (Dancers/Singers/Annie/Grace/Warbucks)

This is what we hope to accomplish this Friday. Please make sure your child looks over these things before Friday. Thank you!