Haley's Coaching Corner

---------------Keeping Elliott teachers in the KNOW!


  • 4th grade teachers from Gunstream loved their learning walk during Alisa Matherne's reading strategy group lesson!
  • Melissa White had her students participating in a fun geometry station rotation that included her working with a small group!
  • Name & Need time on Wednesday definitely showed how well you know your students!
  • 3rd grade is planning a math gallery walk with sentence stems to guide student discussion!
  • 2nd grade created a neat folder for students to use during writing that guides them through the writing process!
  • Teachers at the 1st grade ELAR PD loved the student behaviors & teacher behaviors 1st grade created on how to use the stems from the process fluency reading pre-assessments!
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Cluster 7 for K-2 is now available in eduphoria forethought!

Professional Learning

We have finished our grade level professional learning for the Spring! Thank you so much your participation and for taking back your learning to your teams!

Summer Reading List

The secondary ELAR coordinators wanted to share a digital copy of the FISD Summer Reading Lists.


Have you read Mathematical Mindsets by Jo Boaler? I just got it and can't wait to read it! Check out this article I found in it...

Setting Up Positive Norms in Math Class

1 - Everyone can learn math to the highest levels

2 - Mistakes are valuable

3 - Questions are really important

4 - Math is about creativity and making sense

5 - Math is about connections and communicating

6 - Value depth over speed

7 - Math class is about learning, not performing


We received one copy of a new book called What's Your Evidence? yesterday! It is a great read for claims, evidence & reasoning. It sounds like we will be utilizing this resource throughout the next school year!
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