Teachings & Beliefs Of the Church

Sexuality And relationships

Informed Conscience

Is when you get into a situation or make decisions where consciously you know affects of your decisions. Meaning you go into situation with knowledge with about what you are doing and are prepared.

Catholic Church Teaching on Sexual Intimacy

The church teaches sexual intimacy is much more than intercourse its a needs a meaningful relationship e.g. marriage. They teach that it needs physical, emotion, social, intellectual and spiritual input and parts of each others life. They teach that all sexual acts must be done in the way of being unitive meaning they have sex to share a special bond and is a meaningful moment, the other is procreative meaning the couple has intercourse to make a baby.

The Catholic Church Teachings on Contraceptives

The church only believe in two types of contraceptives one is abstinence which is not to have sex, the other is when a woman monitors the time which she is least likely to conceive so then she can have sex. The church doesn’t believe in the other ways because they destroy the special bond a couple share in sex and also destroys the purpose which the church believes in is that a ouple in a married relationship have sex to make babies.

What is a Healthy Relationship

A healthy relationship is when both parties have an equal say in things, also they they care and lookout for one another. When in a good relationship you will need to have an understanding about the persons beliefs and how they react to things and take that under consideration when you do things involving that person. A respect of the other persons decisions and to let and understand when they want to do things on their own or just be with there friends or family not you. To be willing to work through difficult times. In a family the jobs and household tasks should be sheared and given to the suitable person for that job. In a family each person should be given space and freedom to a reasonable amount. The main things to a good relationship is happiness, love and to care.

The Church Only Believes

The church believe only men and women are to be together and to get married and does not support gay relationships because they are procreative.