WBMS October 3rd Updates

West Bloomfield Middle School Updates

Whats Happening at WBMS this week?

Monday, Oct 3rd: Dance tickets for sale beginning today during lunch (5$) Girls basketball away

Tuesday, Oct 4th: Football home 4:30 vs Oak Park

Wednesday: Oct 5th NO SCHOOL (the district is closed, no events, practices etc. scheduled)

Thursday, Oct 6th: Count Day: please make sure your student is in school and on time! Thank you! Girls basketball home 4:00 vs Covington

Friday, Oct 7th: First morning of the bagel fundraiser: see details below, Good Luck Cross Country runners: County Championships!

2022-23 Dates and Times for Middle School

Fall 2022 Dates for Middle School

Start and end times: 8:20 am to 3:12pm students will be allowed in the building at 7:45 am.

Dismissal is 3:12 pm. All students should be picked up by 3:30 pm.

Friday, October 7th is the beginning of our weekly Bagel Fundraiser. Students will have the opportunity to purchase a Detroit Bagel Company bagel for 2$ (cash only please no lunch account funds can be used) and this will serve as our annual school fundraiser.

Retake Picture Day is on 10/26 this year. This event date is for any new students moving into the school district after Sept 12th, and for those that were not satisfied with their previously taken portrait.

If you placed and order online with LifeTouch, your online order will be applied automatically, when your student has his/her portrait taken. There is nothing special required for you to do.

They will match your online order, to your student's portrait when we (LifeTouch) do (does) photograph them.

If you placed an online order with Lifetouch, and your student never gets photographed, please request a "refund" and we will gladly refund you your order.

Additional dates to make note of:

Parent-Teacher Conferences are VIRTUAL (ZOOM) Dates are November 16th and 18th-details to come soon

Volleyball tryouts will begin Monday, January 23

8th Grade Sweatshirts Orders!

Every year we give 8th grade students the opportunity to order a sweatshirt with their graduation year and name on the back. Below is the link to order.

Our Lakers of the Week

Blake Greer, nominated by Mrs. Kim: Blake does a great job participating in class. He always works hard and does his best on every assignment. He is also so kind and respectful to his teachers and peers! He was also nominated by Mr. Weingarden: Blake is doing very well in my math class and does a great job participating in class.

Braylynne Young, nominated by Mrs. Kreger: Talk about someone who means business when it comes to their education? Braylynne is the epitome of someone you want in your classroom as an educator. Braylynne is always polite, respectful, and the best part is she is always helping others.

Carolina Rubio, nominated by Mrs. Kreger - Carolina is such a hard working and helpful student in my advisory and social studies class. She is kind and responsible. It is a pleasure having her in my classes! It is great to start and end the day with her!

Myka Williams, nominated by Mrs. Birmelin - Myka has exhibited qualities of an amazing study teammate in CPM math. She helps to keep her group on task, working towards their goal, while explaining her reasoning. Keep up the Laker ways, Myka!

Max Columbus, nominated by Mrs. Morton - Max always goes out of his way to help. He is so friendly when he is helping and does it with a smile. He goes beyond the expectations and gives 1000% !

West Bloomfield Middle School Ribbon Cutting Program and Ceremony | September 22, 2022

Students calling and emailing home

When a student needs to use a phone to call home, we have many landlines in the building to accommodate the request. We prefer students use the office phone so we are aware if a student is not feeling well or if there is something we can support to prevent you from needing to come to school (many times we can intervene and help to problem solve).

Of course if a student wants to talk to a parent directly we always facilitate that request.

Sometimes we allow students to use their cell phones to call or text as well from the main office.

We acknowledge that cell phone signals are not as strong especially in the back of the building and calls can be dropped. Parents are welcome to call the main office and we can call your student to the landline to speak with you. Of course, we appreciate that this would be emergency calls only during the school day as we do not like to interrupt instruction for messages.

In the past, the feature where students can email outside domains has been on and off. Currently, due to heightened online security the feature is off for many domains so you may not get emails from your student if the student is using the WB student email address. We have enabled the final forms domain to reach students at their WB student email addresses.

Football Updates from Sept 28

We won! Here's a message for tomorrow's announcements:

The Laker Middle School football team won their first game of the season yesterday with a score of 24-0 over Berkshire Middle School! Offense, defense and special teams all played great and many different players had standout performances.

The defense came out strong with many tackles for loss and big plays. Jamar Ray and Jameer Respress played outstanding on the defensive line. Adrian Jocque had an interception and the defense as a whole did a great job of team tackling.

Offensively, Brian Valentin scored 1 touchdown and Jeremiah Larkin scored two. Three quarterbacks contributed to the win and all of them played well. Jackson Jozwick had a touchdown pass to Jeremiah Larkin and Beckett Kiefer scored three extra points.

The stands were packed for the game and the cheerleaders did a great job of firing the crowd up.

The Lakers are looking forward to next week when they will play Oak Park at home on Tuesday. The game starts at 4:30. We hope to see you there!

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Cross Country Updates from Sept 27th


Aiden Scheidt led our boys with a time of 13:41, followed by Brooklyn Raahman Bixler, Liam Alban, Ryan Brockdorf, Josue Martinez, Esteban Polonio Pedraza, and Brodie Grubbs. While the majority of our boys had much faster times than their first race, they fell short of the win today.

Charlotte Hartley led the girls with a time of 13:44, followed by Olivia Berman, Calista Calloway, Monisola Fagbamila, Avery Robrahn, Sophia Sanchez, and Sabrina Phillips. The entire lead pack of girls took time off their first race yet still fell short of a win today.

Shout out to Calista Calloway and Rebekah Kim on their amazing 100 meter finishing sprints!

We are proud of all our runners on their significant improvements since their first race! We are also proud of everyone’s sportsmanship!

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Home Sporting Events--procedure for spectators (students and adults)

Student Spectators: if the event begins at 4:00 or earlier, students may stay in the building, supervised before attending the game.

Games that start after 4, like the one coming up this week at 4:15, require student spectators to go home and come back.

This does not mean a student can walk to Orchard Lake Mall and return, students must be dropped off by a parent to attend games after 4:00 pm.

Adult spectators: we request that if you drive a vehicle to an onsite event that your vehicle be parked in the front parking lot in a lined space rather than in the loops or on the side in the lanes as cars in these 2 areas would prohibit emergency vehicles from getting to students in the event of an emergency. It is also school policy that pets (unless approved by the superintendent or designee) not be brought to indoor or outdoor events. See below for specific details.

If you have questions, email: Lisa.Graff@wbsd.org

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Girls Basketball News

Sept 27th:

Girls 8th Grade Green Basketball beats Clarenceville middle school 31 – 16

highlights: Bailey Finnie 2 points, Arielle Scott 10 points, Vanessa Husband 10 points, and Zamora Petty 9 points.

GIRLS 7TH GRADE GREEN BASKETBALL · SEP 29Girls 7th Grade Green Basketball beats Derby Middle School 30 – 10

Vanessa Husband scored 15 points. Zamora petty 12 points. Ariella Ferguson scored 3 points

Animals/Pets at school and school events

The Board of Education recognizes that there are many occasions when animals are present on District property and many reasons for those animals’ presence. All Animals on School District property shall be annually approved by the Superintendent or designee.

This is a reminder that pets should not be brought to the school or school events (such as sporting events even if the events are outside the building) unless the animal has been approved by the Superintendent or designee.

Animals are commonly utilized by teachers during classroom presentations and are often housed in classrooms and other locations on campus. Additionally, employees, students, parents, vendors, and other members of the public may be accompanied at school by a service animal in accordance with Federal and State law and this policy.

Animals permitted in schools and elsewhere on District property shall be limited to those necessary to support specific curriculum-related projects and activities, those that provide assistance to a student or staff member due to a disability (e.g., seizure disorder), those that provide a reasonable accommodation to a student in accordance with a Section 504 Plan, or those that serve as service animals as required by Federal and State law.

Taking into consideration that some animals can cause or exacerbate allergic reactions, spread bacterial infections, or cause damage and create a hazard if they escape from confinement, the Principal may permit non-service animals to be present in classrooms to support curriculum-related projects and activities only under the specific conditions as outlined in Board policy.

Bagel Fundraiser and Parent Volunteers

Friday, October 7th is the beginning of our weekly Bagel Fundraiser. Students will have the opportunity to purchase a Detroit Bagel Company bagel for 2$ (exact change and cash only please no lunch account funds can be used) and this will serve as our annual school fundraiser.

Parents who wish to support this fundraiser can volunteer by clicking on the link below. Once you choose a date/time on the Sign Up Genius please complete the parent volunteer form and return the completed form and a copy of your driver's license to the main office for processing at least 48 hours prior to the date. Thank you!

Math Pentathlon


Parent presentation attached below

Any questions, email:


From the I-center

RAP: Reading Appreciation Program

Thursday, Sept 29: ALL ELA Classes will attend the RAP Launch Presentation.

ALL WBMS students are expected to choose one RAP book to read. Students will accept the CANVAS course, developed by Mrs. Carson. Students earn a digital badge & be eligible for a variety of fun incentives!!
RAP books will be available for check out starting on Friday, Sept 30. Thank you to our West Bloomfield Township Public Library for providing books “on deposit” at WBMS.

Follow WBMS_iCenter on TWITTER https://twitter.com/wbmsicenter

School wide dance: October 14th

Time: 6-8pm

This is a drop off event for students only.

Costumes are encouraged (this is our Halloween dance).

No weapons (fake or real) no costume masks and no fake blood please.

Only WBMS students can attend.

This would take the place of dressing up and coming to school in costume on Halloween.

Tickets will be on sale for 5$ every day at lunches from Oct 3rd-14th.

Location: The dance (we have a DJ) will be in the gym

Concessions will be in the auditeria and everything will cost 1$

More info to come!

Our new neighbors and car pick up and drop off


If you drive your student to school or pick your student up, we ask that you utilize our car line and parking lots. Our neighbors prefer that you not park and wait in their neighborhoods (neighborhoods surrounding WBMS).

Although parking on the neighborhood streets is not illegal and the township cannot restrict people from parking on a public roadway in order to retrieve their children as long as they are parking legally, we would appreciate your assistance in respecting the request of our new neighbors.

Pre season Wrestling Opportunity

Ages: Kindergarten thru 8th Grade (boys and girls)

Location: West Bloomfield Middle School

Time: 5:30-7pm

Days of Week: Tuesdays & Thursdays

Season: November (11/1) thru March (3/21)

Coaches: Tom DeGrand, Carlos Acosta, Mike Zimnicki, James Hitchcock, & Tim Burzynski

Cost: $175 (includes a West Bloomfield Wrestling Club T-Shirt)

Required Equipment: Wrestling shoes, headgear (competitions only), hair cap (boys/girls with long hair- competitions only)

Optional Equipment: Headgear (for practice), hair cap (boys/girls with long hair- practice)

They have a facebook page: "West Bloomfield Wrestling Club"

The STEMi is coming to WBMS!

In an innovative partnership with Oakland Schools, we’re excited that our sixth graders can experience the STEMi coming to West Bloomfield Middle School from October 10-14. All sixth graders will explore the STEMi as part of West Bloomfield’s technology integration initiative while incorporating our Portrait of a Graduate 4C’s with the rest of their Science class peers.

In the weeks leading up to the STEMi visit, students will experiment with STEMco kits in our all new innovative WBMS iCenter. They’ll have the opportunity to code an animated character related to video game design, connect circuitry to complete engineering challenges, and program a robot to follow multiple commands.

See below for photos

Lanyards and IDs: Updates

We gave every student a Lanyard, that matches the color of his/her house (Blue, Teal, Yellow) and to keep the ID clipped to.

We require that students wear the lanyard and ID around the neck every day. Students do not bring lanyards home, as they are stored in Advisory classes when not being worn.

If a student needs a replacement lanyard for any reason s/he may purchase one for 2$ in the office.

Replacement IDs are 5$ and are available in the office.

Important COVID-19 Updates and Sick Policy

1. It remains District policy that if your child is sick, please report their absence to the safeline number and keep them home until their symptoms have improved. The District's sick policy can be found HERE.

2. Please note there is no longer a COVID-19 Dashboard on our website. WBSD is in frequent contact with and follows the guidance of the Oakland County Health Department. If you would like more information about this guidance, please visit: https://www.oakgov.com/covid.

3. A distinction will no longer be made between potential exposures and “close contacts.” Families will receive a letter if a student is exposed to someone with COVID-19.

4. ALL Covid-19 updates can be found on this page: https://www.wbsd.org/parents/covid-19

Safeline--call for absence and/or tardy

If your student will be ABSENT or LATE to school please call the Safeline at


The line is open 24/7

Absences must be excused within 24 hours of the date

Order your 2022-23 School Yearbook Today!


Yearbooks are not automatically included in school picture orders like elementary school.

Our yearbook is a hard cover book.

PTO News

West Bloomfield Middle School PTO Board:

President: Katie Palazzolo: katiepalazzolo@icloud.com

Vice-President: Kristi Law: kristi.law@wbsd.org

Treasurer: Kelly Robrahn: robrahnfam@gmail.com

Secretary: Renai Mayle: renaijzz@yahoo.com

PTO Fundraising Goals:

Our main fundraiser for the school year will be a weekly bagel sale. We will be selling bagels for $2 before school every Friday starting in October. We will be looking for parent volunteers to help with the sales. If sales go well, this will be our ONLY fundraiser of the year!

What we support:

· Community Outreach Programs (Greater West Bloomfield Community Coalition, Family Fun Night, etc.)

· Fun Day (end of the year celebration for the students)

· House Party

· Staff Appreciation Week

PTO Meetings: in person at the middle school

· Wednesday, October 12 at 7pm

· Wednesday, January 11 at 7pm

· Wednesday, March 8 at 7pm

· Wednesday, May 3rd (Elections and Staff Appreciation Planning) at 7pm

Please join our “West Bloomfield Middle School PTO” Facebook page!

Medication at school

If your student must have access to, carry or take ANY prescribed OR over the counter medication while at school, a form attached below, completed and signed by a doctor, must be on file in the main office.

This includes, but is not limited to Tylenol, Tums, prescriptions, and Advil. Under no circumstances can a student be in possession of medication without the proper forms on file. Students possessing medication without the forms on file or distributing medication to other students will be subject to discipline following the district's Code of Conduct.

Superintendent's Excellence Award

Every month the Superintendent and the Board of Education will recognize one WBSD student for academic excellence. In addition, the student must be dedicated to their studies, clubs and organizations, and exhibit qualities of a role model. They will be presented with the Superintendent's Excellence Award at the regular board meeting for that month. The Superintendent's Excellence Award is meant to promote success in and out of the classroom. The student must be able to handle many different aspects of student life while maintaining excellence in the classroom. The student must be diligent and complete their assignments on time; show a strong effort to learn subjects to the best of their ability; prepare for class; and have good classroom participation. The student must demonstrate excellent behavior in and out of the classroom, is well mannered, and is respectful to both peers and teachers. This award is designed to nominate and select students who promote and take pride in WBSD and in themselves.

Students will be nominated by WBSD staff and administration each month. Each month the staff will be reminded of the nominations and sent a link to complete the nomination application. Each staff member can only nominate one (1) student per month.

A student cannot receive the award more than once within a year.

Your Middle School Administration Team

Amy Hughes, Principal

Jermaine Evans, Assistant Principal

Blaine McDowell, Dean of Student Services

Lisa Graff, Assistant Principal

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