Antarctic Animal Life!!

One of a kind on our Earth!!

Ice Fish...

This fish lives in the deep parts of the Antarctic... Because the fish has a lack of hemoglobin (Hb) it is almost translucent. Instead of red blood cells the fish has WHITE blood cells..

Basket Star..

This star fish is like no other... People used to believe it was an alien!

They used to call the animal "The Head of Medusa".

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Sea Cucumber

The animal has no relation to its name. its life span is 5 to 10 years. They are 75 inches (6.5 feet) in size! When threatened they discharge sticky threads to trap their enimies!

Sea Spider

This 9.8-inch-long (25-centimeter-long) giant sea spider was one of 30,000 animals found during a 35-day census in early 2008. Cold temperatures, few predators, and high levels of oxygen in seawater could explain their size.


Amphipods are mistaken for looking looking like shrimp. Scuds are found in the coldest parts the Antarctic.
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Polychaete worm

They are found in the depths of the ocean. They burrow into sand and mud on beaches. A.K.A Bristle worms.
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