A calming place


Caseville is a nice place to relax and put on the bathing suit . Other than being located right on the Huron Lake, Caseville is a very nice place with Restaurants and after dinner head to Dairy Queen.

The Beach


The sunsets of Caseville are beautiful its a great place to play and have a nice warm fire out on the beach.
Cheeseburger In Caseville Fest (Under the Radar)

The Cheese Burger Festival

Cheeseburger's are a big thing in Caseville being the home of the Cheeseburger Festival this video will show you some things they do there.
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Where its at

Caseville is located on the thumb of Michigan. It is on the West coast of the thumb located on the Lake.

That All Folks

I hope you enjoyed it and I hope you go to this amazing place.