Dessert Show



Choir students thank you so much for preparing incredible auditions for our "Dessert Show". Although it is not possible for everyone to receive a solo, I am incredibly proud of the effort and courage you displayed Thursday and Friday. All Feature soloist need to submit the MP3 of their song to Mrs. Porter by Monday on CD, Jump drive or via email at

-Mrs. Porter

Feature Soloist

Linda Taylor

Cole Clary, Vincent Galicha, Preston Patton

Caroline Ross and Brennan Shrestha

Claire Fulton

Marlei Dismuke

Blake Iiliff

Hayley Steele

Cat Cooper

Hold My Hand Soloist

Solo 1 Carina Barrientos

Solo 2 Elisa Leboeuf

Solo 3 Megan Sheppard

Solo 4 Iana Balynska

Longest Time Soloist

Solo 1 Gage Bridges

Solo 2 Andrew McDonald

Solo 3 Blake Iiliff

Solo 4 Preston Patton

Stitches Soloist

Solo 1 Michael Nguyen

Solo 2 Colin Beaton

Fools Rush In Soloist

Solo 1 Sarah Loeffler

Solo 2 Alia Diamond

Rather Be Soloist

Solo 1 Nicole Moss

Solo 2 Caitlin Caceras Salgado

Solo 3 Alexis Nesbitt-Smith

Solo 4 Sadie Smith

Hey There Deliah Soloist

Payton Sliepka

Somebody To Love Soloist

Solo 1 Shachar Albalancy

Solo 2 Carly Clement

Solo 3 Zandria Webb

Solo 4 McKenna Johnson

Solo 5 Zandria Webb