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Affirmation - A Design Quality of Choice

Affirmation of Performance, which refers to the possibility of designing tasks and activities so that the performance of students is made visible to persons who are significant in their lives, as well as designing the work in ways that make it clear that the quality of the performance of the student has meaning and value to peers and others whose opinions the student values and cares about. What opportunities to make their schoolwork public appeal to this group? How important is it to these students that others view, use, or respond to the work they are doing in school? Whom would they prefer see their work?

Affirmation of Performance –

• Are final products made public?

• Do persons other than teacher inspect and affirm the worth?

Affirmation of the significance of the performance. Students are more highly motivated when their parents, teachers, fellow students, and other "significant others" make it known that they think the student's work is important. Portfolio assessments, which collect student work for scrutiny by people other than the teacher, can play a significant role in making students work "more visible."

When Focusing on the Design Quality of Affirmation, Ask Yourself These Questions

  • How might I provide opportunities for students' work to be valued by others?
  • What are some ways that students' products might be shared or used by others outside of the classroom?

All information has been taken from the Schlechty Center.