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History of kanye west and rise to fame

-Born in Atlanta, Georgia June 1977

-Graduated from Polaris High school and spent one year at school at Chicago state university. After rapping and working with local artists, West then went to new york city in 2001 in order to pursue his career full time.

-He was hired by Jay-z to produce songs for his album at the time "the blueprint" that sold over 420,000 copies in the very first week of release. Beyond there he produced with other well-known rapper Ludacris and the singer Beyonce.

-while serving as a producer to the stars West made his own demo and started to shop his own stuff around. He signed on with Roc-A-Fella records under Jay-z's label

-after one session in Los angels, he had fell asleep on the wheel and had fractured his jaw from the collision.

-After getting his jaw wired shut he returned to the recording studio to make his debut release "the college dropout" that was released in 2004. It sold 2.6 million copies and kept that feat up with 2005's "late registration" and 2007's "graduation"

- He also won three best rap song Grammy's for his hits "Jesus walks" "Diamonds from Sierra Leone" and "good life" for his hit "gold digger" He took home the best rap performance award in the same year.

-Another Grammy for best R&B song for "you don't know my name"that was sung by Alicia Keys. He had a collaboration with common on "southside" earned West the Grammy for best rap performance by a duo or group in 2007

-He was devastated when he lost his mother due to complications in cosmetic surgery in the same year, so he performed the song "hey mama" after the funeral at his concert in memory of his mother.

-moving on with the loss, West had made his next album "808's and heartbreak" the next year in 2008. This reached the top of the charts, featuring "heartless" and "amazing" on the same year. Along with getting 2 more Grammy's for his collaboration with Estelle who made a duet "American boy" for best rap/ sung collaboration, along with his work with Jay-z, T.I, and Lil Wayne for best rap performance by a duo or group

best songs


"we are the champions"

"guess who's back"