MOMS Club of Buckingham North

Minutes for moms

President's Message

May is here. Hard to believe and for many of us it is crazier than ever. Makes us "long" for the lazy days of summer. I know for one, I am officially done with the whole homework thing. Preschool is almost ove,r so for many of us it is our last days to get errands done with out little ones. The calendar will be somewhat light this month but I will be adding outdoor stuff as weather permits. Keep checking your email, evites, and facebook page. Make sure your email is correct on directory and if you change your email, let Gail and myself know asap. We have a President!!! Kellie Horvath has agreed to act as President for 2014-2015. We also have a Treasurer; Joy McDonough, MVP; Gail Baumgart, and Secretary; Lisa Menz We are in need of a Administrative VP who takes care of the Charity piece. Remember the 5 of you serve as a team and the outgoing board will be here if you need us!

Save The Dates

May 21 Open Playgroup 1-3 pm at the home of Hallie Saxena. May 22 Members Coffee 9:30-11:30 at the home of Stacey Friedman.  June 3rd 10 am "Pod" Bounce and Play June 12th: End of Year Banquet


Moms: Shana Bulsara 11th, Stacy Ries 15th, Kellie Horvath 18th, Gail Baumgart 21st, Cynthia McKeever 27th Kids: Shaelyn Feledick 14th, Emma Friedman 5th, Emelia Orrok 16th, Brandon Reinert 14th, Alison Reis 20th, Ryan Symons 7th

New Member!

Welcome Leslie McGrady to the MOMS Club. She has a two year old daughter named Noelle and is expecting another baby. She moved here from Columbus, Ohio where she was in another club. She is looking forward to meeting people and would like to join a playgroup for Noelle. Her email is


Wow! The baby shower held at Abbe's house was so much fun! Fruit salad baby, cupcake babies with binkies, "ready to pop" popcorn! Decorations and favors made me almost want to have another! (Lol) More importantly, we received many nice gifts from our members to donate to CHC. I am dropping the items off on Tuesday. If you have any gifts to add I will be accepting donations till Monday night. (Jeannine Walsh)