Endangered Species

The Blue Whale!

What is the blue whale?

Blue whales, or it's scientific name, the Balaenoptera musculus is the biggest animal in the world today. The Blue whale is you guessed it, the color blue, with a little bit of white on the bottom. They usually weigh around 200 tons, (400,000 pounds!!!) and their average length is 90 feet long. Its tongue alone can weigh as much as an elephant!!! It can sometimes be surprising to people that the whale is not a fish, whales are in the mammal group.

What is the habitat of this majestic creature?

Blue whales can be found specifically in the north Atlantic, north Pacific and Indian ocean, but sometimes they can be found in every ocean. Their diet consists of krill (a shrimp-like creature shown in the picture.) Sometimes it takes 2,200 pounds of food to fill this creatures stomach.


* The Blue whale's blowhole can blow water up 30 feet high into the air

* You already knew that these animals were the biggest creatures on Earth, but did you know that they are also the LOUDEST to

* A blue whale cry can be heard more than 100 miles away

* the average life span of the Blue whale is 80-90 years


Have you recently had a whale in your dream? If you have then it can mean different things. it can mean that your proud, happy or safe or it can mean something terrible like you dying. Most people believe it means that you are dealing with something to big to handle.

Why is this creature endangered?

Sadly, today only 1500-2500 of these beautiful creatures are estimated to remain. One reason is because of it's natural predators. Blue whales are injured and sometimes killed by sharks or killer whales. Another reason why whales are endangered is because they used to be hunted for food, clothing and oil. Killing whales, or "whaling"has been banned but certain people however won't give up killing these animals because of the money they earn. Whether a whale is killed for a good reason or not, the number of blue whales remains critically low and it's a problem that we can't just do nothing about. There are many campaigns out there today that are trying to increase the number of Blue whales that you can donate cash to our join. If people did easy things such as not letting a balloon into the air, (because it can end up in lakes, rivers, and oceans) not littering (same reason as why you should not release a balloon) or simply just buying environmental friendly products then the population of these fascinating creatures would be way higher.


"Save the whales and keep the sea salty!"
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