Character Analysis

The Stand by Stephen King

Stuart Redman

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Grew Up Poor

Stu's family was very poor growing up. His father died when Stu was 7, which meant that his mother had to work to feed herself and three children, including Stu. Stu even had to start working at the age of 9 to support his family, unloading trucks at a truck stop for 35 cents.

Family Deaths

Stu was 7 when his father died. Shortly after Stu started working at 9 years old, Stu's youngest brother, Dev, died of pneumonia, and although that meant one less mouth to feed, Stu still felt guilt. His mother died of cancer months before he graduated high school, forcing him to turn down an athletic scholarship he was offered so he could work in the town's calculator factory to support him and his younger brother. Later in life, Stu's wife died of the same cancer that his mother had died of.

Other information

Stu still works at the calculator factory in Arnette, but rarely gets the amount hours he needs. Of the people left in Arnette, Stu is described as being the quietest of the group.