The Quebec Act

June 22, 1774


Passed by the British Parliament to institute a permanent administration in Canada replacing the temporary government created at the time of the Proclamation of 1763. It gave the French Canadians complete religious freedom and restored the French form of civil law.

Causes and Effects of the Act


Rebels were becoming aggressive and formed groups in the colonies

Formed to keep the people in check and loyal to the British.

Effects of the Act


The colonies saw this as a way for England to removed certain freedoms

Allowed public officers to practice the Roman Catholic Faith

Areas effected

Province of Quebec and the 13 Colonies

How they responded

After the Act 50,000 loyalist arrived in the Province of Quebec.

These loyalist brought new expectations to Quebec for government.

Patriots in the colonies were angered and it helped accelerate the confrontation that became the American Revolution.

How did this worsen the relationship between Great Britian and the Colonists

It made them want to be more independent.