Alex Marschall

Job Description

Plan and design buildings, including residences, office buildings, and other properties.

Education, Training, and Licensing

Bachelors degree and internship to become competent. Architect, Asbestos Project Designer Certificate, and Lead Project Designer License

Day-to-Day Work Activities

Thinking creatively, Making decisions or solving problems, Communicating with people outside your organization, Drafting, laying out, and specifying technical devices, parts, and equipment, Evaluating information to determine compliance with standards, Collecting information from different sources, Using computers, Creating and maintaining interpersonal relationships.

Working Conditions

You work in groups or teams and most of your work is unsupervised and done indoors. Its really relaxed and you're free to make decisions on your own.


Being an architect is a good job to have. In the United States you start making at the low end of $35 an hour! The more you do it the higher it gets. You can get paid up to $60 an hour!

Current Employment and Outlook

Architect is a great job to have. You get some schooling and licensing and you are set to go. Your starting pay is $35 that is well over the average pay of most people. Then it only gets better. You get to make decisions for yourself and get to stay indoors. It is a great job to look into and have for a living.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages: You make your own decisions, high pay, work indoors, work in a team.

Disadvantages: You stay in the office most of the time, a lot of work.