After High School Plans

Gabby Brouillette

General information

I plan on becoming a veterinarian.

  • The type of education I need is college and a doctorate.
  • OSU is the best choice for me, located in Corvallis, Oregon.
  • I plan on living with a roommate off campus, although the option for staying in the dorms for the first year is considered
  • Things to do in Corvallis include lots of hikes and parks, history and art museums, the Benton county fair and rodeo (taking place in late July, early August), wine tasting and lots of activities outdoors.
  • Corvallis is located in the Willamette valley, about an hour and a half away from Portland and about 45 minutes away from Springfield. Also, only about an hour away from Newport, where there's beach access
  • The climate is very similar to Grants Pass, with not too hot of a summer and not too cold of a winter
  • The estimated cost for 4 years as a resident (total all costs) is $167,268, while the cost for a non resident for 4 years is around $251,628.
  • For a MS degree, you will graduate with 45 credits. For a PhD program, you'll graduate with a total of 108 credits.

At OSU, there is no required undergraduate program for admission. To get in, you have to complete these prerequisites:

  • General biology
  • Biological sciences
  • Physics
  • General chemistry
  • Organic chemistry
  • Biochemistry
  • Genetics
  • Mathematics
  • Physiology
  • Statistics

Requirements for education

  • VMCA application
  • OSU CVM application
  • Letters of recommendation
  • GRE test
  • Transcripts

How will I pay?

I hope to earn at least two scholarships, while my parents will hopefully help me pay for the rest. As soon as I move, I'll get a any job that I can and find, as well as a humane society or vet office I can volunteer at, helping me with my work experience.

High school hopes

To achieve my goal of going to OSU and continuing through their program, I will set a goal for my GPA for each semester, probably around a 3.5 accumulative. I will take all the science classes offered at GPHS, preparing me for the field of veterinary medicine.