The Weaver Academy Chorale

Vocal Department at Weaver Academy

About us:

The Weaver Academy Chorale is one of many unique Performing and Visual Arts Programs hosted at Weaver Academy.

Members of the Chorale have accepted scholarships at various prestigious colleges and universities for both musical and academic talents. Some programs our students have gone onto include:

Boston Conservatory

Vanderbilt University

American Musical and Dramatic Academy of NYC

Appalachian State University

The University of North Carolina of Greensboro, Charlotte, Chapel Hill, School of the Arts, and Asheville

Berklee College of Music

Carnegie Melon University

Eastern Carolina University

Greensboro College

Catawba College

The choir takes many opportunities to perform at both competitions and music festivals. Some of our awards include:

2006: Mozart Festival in Austria- Best in Class

2009: Festival Disney- Best in Class

2010: The Heritage Festival in NYC- Gold

2011: Festival Disney- Best in Class

2012: Participation in National Youth Choir at Carnegie Hall

2014: Festival Disney- Best in Class, Best Overall

2015: National Youth Choir at Carnegie Hall- Featured Choir

When asked what some of their favorite things about the choir were, students responded. “My favorite thing,” one student said, “is the sense of family we have every time I walk into the room.” Another responded- “being around talented people, who are very accepting.” One student remarked on how amazing it was that he was “surrounded by amazing people all of the time- and realizing that I am one of those people. Being in the Chorale makes my day, every day.” It isn’t just amazing music and talent that makes the Chorale special. What makes the Chorale special is that we all are able to make beautiful music together every day- and we would love to have you join in.

If you are interested in joining the Weaver Chorale, you are welcomed to attend our “Dessert Cabaret”. This night of delicious food will be November 21st, at 6:30 PM, at the Jamestown Presbyterian Church.

You are also invited to attend our annual Winter concert on December 16th at 7 PM, in the Weaver Academy Auditorium.