The Knight Fight

A folk tale by Harrison Lantis

The Knight Fight

Once upon a time, there was a king who was so rich he could buy anything he wanted. His life goal was to be ruler of the world, but he had lots of kingdoms and other rulers to conquer and vanquish first. Some obstacles included a warlock and a group of men who called themselves the pirates of the north. Both of them lived in the mountains.

"Now that I have taken over my first kingdom," he was telling his servant, "I shall take over this mountain range along with all the people and animals in it. The local militia will have to help."

After the king's servants gathered, the militia reluctantly came and they set off for the mountain with axes and swords. On the way, they came across a camp that looked as if it had just been abandoned. The King said, "Let's set up camp here and start chopping wood."

By night fall about thirty knights in very shiny armor had come back after a very long day to find the militia men in their camp. They spoke in a very deep voice, "Wake now or suffer the consequences!" Every one woke in a hurry except the king who took forever. "We are the knight runners, and if you do not leave our camp now we shall kill you all," declared the knight runners.

All the militia men started back towards the kingdom, but the king spoke up. "No, we shall not leave this camp just because it's yours. I'm the new leader here and anyone who thinks twice about that shall pay the price of imprisonment or death, which ever I'm in the mood for."

One of the knights took out his sword which was bigger than even the tallest militia man. As soon as the king saw the sword, he started running back to his castle in fear. The militia men followed. When the king got back he was met by the warlock and the pirates.

"We want your castle, but the doors are locked tight. We need your keys so you can give them to us or we will take them," said the pirates.

Since the king had already had a long day, he said very crossly, "I just got kicked out of a camp, and I am very tired. I am not going to give up my keys now." The warlock nodded at the pirates, and they attacked the king, but before they even reached him, the militia men got there and started fighting the pirates. The pirates had way more men than the small militia group, so one of the militia men ran all the way back to the knights in hopes that they would help them defeat the pirates and he then told them what was happening. The knights mounted on their horses and took off with the militia men on the back of one of the knights.

As soon as the pirates saw the knights, they froze in mid swing, but the militia kept on hitting and fighting and the fight began once again. This time, the militia men started to win along with the power of the knights. The fight carried on long into the night, and the next day, even though the battle showed no sign of who was winning, the king realized that he was very sad and didn't want to be ruler of the world. He wanted to be happy and have a nice peaceful life, so the king decided to find a bow and arrow and grab the best archer on his side. After he got his archer, he took him to where the warlock was and told him to shoot the warlock. The archer protested and said, "It's too dark to shoot." He would need to wait till morning. They both waited crouched down about twenty feet from the warlock.

In the morning the archer took aim carefully and shot the warlock fell hard to the ground like a bouncy ball falling to the ground, but the only difference was that the warlock did not bounce back up. The pirates all fell to the ground and died. "The warlock must have cast a spell on them to never die, but since the warlock died they died too." Said the king.

After the battle

After the battle the king appointed a new king and gave all the poor some money. He also gave the knight runners some money.