Breast Cancer

by lilli manker

What is it?

Breast cancer is a malignant tumor (a group of cells that spread to surrounding tissues and eventually the entire body) that starts in the cells of a breast. This disease occurs mostly in women but can also happen in men too. IT mostly occurs in women that are older and have been passed their menstrual cycle already.

What are the risk factors of breast cancer?

You can get breast cancer from many ways. One of the ways is age as a woman gets older she has a higher chance of getting breast cancer. Also genetics, women that are closely related to a person that has/ had breast cancer have a more likely chance of getting breast cancer because that gene probably passed onto that person. Other risk factors include being taller than normal, obese, having dense breast tissue, a high amount of alcohol consumption, or if the person had already had the disease.


What I have learned about breast cancer...

Women go through many challenges in their lifetime, and unfortunately this may be one of them and it's very unfortunate. Breast cancer targets women's breasts and can make a women's life very hectic for however long they have the disease. Women who have survived breast cancer have felt real pain and fear and need to be respected. They have endured the pain and fear that they may be leaving their family's behind forever. People that survive this disease are amazing.


Of course, there are many things you could do many of them just retaining a healthy lifestyle and eating right. You should be educated and tested also