Julie Andrews

I chose Julie Andrews because her movies are inspiration to people young and old. She plays a grandmother in one and she tries to show nothing but compassion to her granddaughter and this brings people back to the ways of their own grandmother.she was a great character on and off stage. She has accomplished many movies that inspire young and old people. In 1963 Walt disney asked Julie Andrews if she would like to star in his upcoming production, a lavish musical fantasy that combined live-action and animation. She agreed on the condition if she didn't get the role of Doolittle in the pending film production of my fair lady. Julie Andrews made an auspicious film debut in Walt Disney's Mary poppins (1964), which earned her an Academy Award for Best Actress. Julie Andrews adopted two kids. Her step father was and alcoholic. some universal values of Julie Andrews are honstley, determine, strong, decated, Hubble, accomplished, believed in family unit, sweet. she is a mentor because she uses work ethics. she is a great citizenship in all kinds of ways. by helping people out. she has a personal standard on and off of stage. she guides people in the right direction and not the wrong dirction.