what happended during the GOLDRUSH

gold licences

The conditions of having the miners licences were you would have to show the licence to an officer at any time when requested, the officers were allowed to request food and drink as well as licences anyone without a licence was either arrested or flogged.

Eureka flag

The Eureka flag is a symbol of unity for all miners, this flag was designed by Peter Lalor and the other miners who rebelled and started the historic Eureka stockade.

alluvial gold

Alluvial gold was where miners shifted through old ancient streams for embedded gold ores in the ancient dirt this was the popular choice of mining, because they were less likely to lose their lives

mine shaft

Mining in mine shafts was a dangerous because the shaft could have caved in at any minute because of weak structures and frames, so miners were at constant risk of losing their lives and family’s.


The gold fields during the gold rush were covered in canvas tents the tents were for people that could not afford to make permanent structures . The rich were able to make permanent structures of wood or other resources


The alluvial gold was most commonly found in Bendigo because of its more wet climates , so they were able to shift through dirt more easily.


there was a big newspaper article of the GoldRush in Tennant creek. saying how rich it was in gold

holtermans nugget

the Holtermans nugget it was estimated to be worth 12000 pounds in money.

food costs

the cost of foods for living on the goldfields it was not very cheap.

the largest bit of australian gold

This is the largest piece of gold found in Australia also known as the Holtermans nugget.