Seniors required to go to School

High School Seniors have to attend school all day every day

School districts are attempting to make students more educated By: Drake Detar

Seniors at Lake High School are required to go to school from 9:00 am to 4:10 pm. For many years seniors were able to typically leave around lunch time assuming they had all the credits required to graduate. These seniors had the ability to get whatever lunch they want and go home and relax. Now seniors have to go to school longer so they can become more intelligent. One soon to be senior stated " I think this is ridiculous because now I have the opportunity to take informative elective classes that will potentially give me insight to the job I want to study for in college." Who ever has truly benefited from taking a class that teaches someone about what they have to do for their field of study. It's not like you are gaining any useful experience that could potentially either discourage or encourage you in pursuing that particular field of study.

Kids staying at school for the whole day increase the amount of funding from the State!

If students (seniors) stay at school for the whole day then the school of Lake HIgh School receives more money from the State of Texas. The problem with this is that Lake HIgh School has plenty of money to fund all sorts of activities, clubs, and sports. For example, the football team gets new uniforms every other year and new equipment every 3 years. All the other sports get new uniforms and equipment every 7-10 years but honestly who cares about those sports any way. Football makes the most so they deserve the most. Therefor money is not an issue at Lake HIgh School.