This Week In IB at OI

Diploma Program Film Y2

Welcome to an inside look at the Diploma Program Film Class

The International Baccalaureate Film program encourages scholars to develop a "clarity of understanding, critical thinking, reflective analysis, effective involvement and imaginative synthesis that is achieved through practical engagement in the art and craft of film." IB Film scholars have the opportunity to analyze all aspects of film and create an original film. In order to earn college credit for the course, scholars must complete a detailed analysis of one film, complete a study of film history from a country, and create a film.

What is happening in DP Film this week?

This week our DP Film Y2 scholars are presenting their film pitches. Students in the class must determine what film they are choosing to create. In order to do this, they are asked to develop a formal pitch to convince their classmates to vote for their film idea. The scholar acts as a writer/director while the class acts as the producers, deciding whether or not to give the "green light." Scholars are required to include the following elements in their pitch: story and character development, genre, budget, location, gear, audience, production time, special effects, score and a rationale for why their film should be chosen.

Here are some insights and questions posed by our scholars during the pitches:

"What makes your film stand out, how is it not the same as what is already out there?"

"The antagonist is acting as a dominant force. He does this through both physical and psychological actions."