March Conspiracy 365

By: Gabrielle Lord

Report by: Connor Boehr


Cal is on the run alone, trying to figure out what big secret his dad discovered before he died. What ever it is people are trying to kill him over it. Since he's vanished his mom has gone crazy and his sister is in the hospital due to her getting attacked. But lucky for him he has a great friend in Boges who helps him survive and helps him put his fathers hints together to figure out what the big discovery was.

Cal continues to get in more trouble and also meets new friends. Repro rescues him from a train and also helps him break into a house for an important document. Jennifer also helps him. The two meet and she sheds some light on Cal's father before he died, but unfortunately they were followed and the famous Red Tank Top was after him again.

While Cal is running away he runs inside a room full of snakes and breaks the cage. He is then forced to choose deadly snakes or Red Tank Top

What did you enjoy about the book?

This book continued to be full of action and suspense which makes it a very good read.

Is the book apart of a series?

Yes it is. It is the 3rd book of a 14 book series

Was the ending Satisfactory?

The story ended in another cliff hanger, and forces you to read the next books. But the ending was good.

Would you recommend this book?

Yes I would. I would recommend reading the first two books first, but the whole series has been good so far.