The American System

Mary Perkins


The purpose behind the American system was to create a new form of federalism that was aiming at a goal to strengthen and unify the nation. This plan was focused on strengthening the infrastructure and financial institutions of the United States. The government was trying to help the national economy by preserving the national bank, supporting high tariffs, and maintaining high public land prices.

Nationalism Vs. Sectionalism

Nationalism is a feeling of pride toward your own country.

Sectionalism is a threat to nationalism because sectionalism is being loyal or taking pride in one individual section or area within your nation.

The danger of sectionalism is that instead of unification within a country, the country is actually divided more and can be very competitive from region to region. This can cause many economic issues.

Key Components of the American System

The American System helped to increase three major components. These included wealth, population, and power. This was achieved by lowering the overall price of the articles of consumption which allowed a greater number of people to buy and afford certain goods.

Another key concept was to preserve the national bank. Also, roads and canals were beginning to connect more of the nation together.

Henry Clay, Architect of the American System

Henry Clay took part in a plethora of occupations including, senator of Kentucky, secretary of state under John Quincy Adams, and the leader of the Whig party. He was a strong nationalist and was considered the "architect" of the American system because he was the one to set up the ideas.
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