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Perot Museum Educator Night

When: Mon, Oct 23 4:00 PM - 7:30 PM
Cost: FREE for educators + their family
Description: Teachers, this is a night just for you and your family to come explore the Museum — for free — see a film, and visit our newest traveling exhibition, Journey to Space.
Registration is required & must have proof of current teaching status – register here!


Don't Want To Miss Class? Join Us After School!

Ti-Nspire Calculating Success Day: October 5


TI-84 Calculating for Success Day 2: October 19

Algebra I Workstations and Guided Learning Day 2: October 26

All sessions will take place from 5:00 - 8:00 PM

at ESC Region 11

HOTSpots Livebinder

Looking for a place to find tasks/problems that build number sense, conceptual understanding, and promote mathematical discourse? Let us (re)introduce you to the HOTSpots livebinder!
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Blended Learning Academy

Participants will be immersed in blended learning while learning what exactly blended learning is, how it is different from technology integration and how to implement blended learning in their own classroom. Register today!

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Instructional Technology Specialist, Campus IT Representative, Digital Learning Coach...Whatever your title, if you help educators build technology-rich learning experiences, e-Merge is for you! Come experience a day of networking with others who share your struggles and obstacles. Join with the digital learning crew to explore radical and relevant strategies, information, and resources that you can share on your campuses. On October 17th, we’ll have conversations and sessions focusing on:

· Innovative Professional Learning Strategies

· Digital Learning in the Elementary

· Digital Learning for Secondary Students


2017 STEAM Carnival DFW

With tickets for the 2017 STEAM Carnival October 23-25, 2017 being sold out in less than 24 hours, there is only one way to guarantee attendance for your students. Lucky for you there are a few spots still available for the Student Showcase!

So what is this Student Showcase?

Glad you asked! The Student Showcase is one of the most impressive pieces of the STEAM Carnival. Students from around the region showcase their existing work, projects or inventions based on anything related to STEAM.

We have seen catapults, battle robots, Legos, homemade games, the 5 time reigning National Champion solar car, a TV studio, timed challenges and even plants being grown without soil, harvested and eaten right here in the building! WOW!!

So how do we sign up?
Another terrific question! You can submit your proposal online right now by visiting the link below. It is fairly quick and easy!

Student Showcase Submission Form

Check out the website for more information and FAQs about the event!

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Lone Star Leadership Academy - Call for Outstanding Student Nominations

The 2018 Lone Star Leadership Academy is accepting nominations for outstanding 4th-8th graders for the summer academy. Participants travel to the Dallas/Fort Worth, Austin/San Antonio, or Houston/Galveston area to join delegations of other distinguished students from across Texas for a week of fun, learning, leadership development, and visits to significant Texas destinations. Each day, participants explore notable Texas sites, learn about unique careers from professionals, and work in small groups to develop specific leadership skills. In addition to improving their leadership abilities, participants gain self-confidence and independence and develop new friendships with other high-achieving students from across the state. Nominees must be in 4th-8th grade, maintain an 85 or higher average, demonstrate leadership ability, and be involved in school/community activities. Teachers can nominate a student at The nomination deadline is Friday, November 3, 2017.

WeTeach_CS Foundations of Computer Science for Teachers

The WeTeach_CS Foundations of Computer Science for Teachers online fall session is now open. This self-paced course is designed to prepare teachers to take the TExES 141 or 241 Grades 8-12 Computer Science certification exam. Course materials provide extensive detailed instruction, examples, and practice on everything from introductory programming topics such as variables, functions, loops, and logical expressions to more advanced topics such as data structures, recursion, and object oriented programming. Basic enrollment is free. Participants who would like to receive 40 CPE credit hours from The University of Texas at Austin upon completing the course can upgrade their enrollment. Upgraded participants will also have access to weekly quizzes and the comprehensive final, which mimics the actual 100 question CS certification exam.

Additional information and registration forms for upcoming sessions are located at

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2018 Accessibility

TEA accessibility policies may apply to any student taking STAAR or TELPAS depending on his or her needs and whether or not the student meets the eligibility criteria, if applicable. These policies are divided into 3 main categories. Within each category are links to policy documents that provide more specific information.

To view or print out the accessibility policies as one file, use the following link: 2018 Accessibility Policies

  1. Accessibility Features: These are procedures and materials that are allowed for any student who needs them.

  2. Designated Supports: These are locally-approved supports for students who meet eligibility criteria.

  3. Designated Supports Requiring TEA Approval: These supports require the submission and approval of a TEA Accommodation Request Form.

State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR®) Calculator Policy Calculators are required for the following STAAR assessments: grade 8 mathematics, grade 8 science, Algebra I, Algebra II, and biology.

Calculators are not permitted for students taking the STAAR grades 3–7 mathematics assessments or the STAAR grade 5 science assessment unless the student meets the eligibility criteria for an accommodation. Information regarding calculators as an accommodation for students with disabilities can be found on the accommodations webpage.

Requirement for STAAR Grade 8 Mathematics, Algebra I, and Algebra II

Districts must ensure that each student has a graphing calculator to use when taking the STAAR grade 8 mathematics, Algebra I, or Algebra II assessments. Students must have a graphing calculator to use throughout the entire test (both paper and online versions). Districts may satisfy this requirement by providing students with either of the following two types of calculating devices— a handheld graphing calculator or a graphing calculator application.

Requirement for STAAR Grade 8 Science and Biology

Districts must ensure that students have access to a calculator with four-function, scientific, or graphing capability when taking the STAAR grade 8 science or biology assessments. There should be at least one calculator for every five students taking the assessments (both paper and online versions). If calculators are shared during the test, the calculator memory must be cleared after each student uses it. Districts may satisfy this requirement by providing students with either of the following two types of calculating devices—a handheld calculator or a calculator application.

Additional Information

The district may provide calculating devices, or students may bring them from home. Students should be provided the same type of calculation device they use routinely in class work. Providing an unfamiliar calculation device on the day of the state assessment may hinder rather than aid the student. Students may have more than one calculation device during the assessment. For handheld calculators, all memory must be cleared to factory default both before and after testing. Any programs or applications that are not preinstalled by default must be removed or disabled prior to testing. For specific assistance in appropriately preparing calculators for use during testing, contact the calculator manufacturer. For calculator applications, all Internet capabilities must be disabled on the device. In addition, the calculator application being used must be locked down (in kiosk mode) to prevent the use of other applications during testing. Districts should be aware that some calculator applications include resources that could aid students during testing. Students must be monitored closely to ensure that these resources are not accessed during the test. Calculation devices that have a computer algebra system (CAS) are not allowed. Calculation applications on smartphones are also not allowed.

Texas Education Agency Student Assessment Division August 2017

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What is Number Sense and Why It’s So Essential?

Have you checked out the resources available from Christina Tondevold aka The Recovering Traditionalist? Check out her website! It's full of freebies....

FREE Video Series on Number Sense and Fraction Sense

FREE Number Sense eBook


Gear up for the new school year with T³™ webinars

Attend free Teachers Teaching with Technology™ (T³™) webinars this fall and learn new ways to use Texas Instruments (TI) technology to engage your students. Join the live sessions on Tuesday evenings to ask questions and share ideas with presenters and attendees. Can’t attend on a Tuesday? That’s okay. All webinars will be recorded and available on-demand, and we will share the link with registrants following each session. A Certificate of Attendance will be provided at the end of each webinar.

Learn more and register »

T³™ fall 2017 webinar schedule:

(All webinars begin at 7 p.m. Central time)

Oct. 3 – Exploring “What’s Typical?” Using Sampling and Design

Oct. 10 – A Home Run for Your Students

Oct. 17 – STEM of the Living Dead: Scary Activities to Spook Your Students

Oct. 24 – Bringing Expressions and Equations to Life

Nov. 7 – Exploring “What’s Typical?” Using Probability

Nov. 14 – Effective Modeling With Geometry

Nov. 28 – Lifesaving STEM Projects

Dec. 5 – Exploring “What’s Typical?” Using Sampling Distributions and Simulation

Message from Origo

Dear Educators,

My thoughts and prayers are with the people of Texas and everyone who has been affected by hurricane Harvey. As a native Houstonian and former Texas school teacher, I am humbled by the efforts you are making to continue to care for schoolchildren and their families, especially those whose circumstances have changed dramatically with this event.

We at ORIGO Education want to know how we can help you in your important work during this difficult recovery period. For example, if you use the ORIGO Stepping Stones elementary math program and have lost student books in the flood, we will work with you to replace them for free this year. Similarly, if you need extra books for children who are refugees due to the storm, we will do our best to provide them. And if you haven’t used ORIGO materials in the past but need a core K-6 math program to get you through the school year, we will give you a subscription to our online Texas Stepping Stones materials for free. We have worked very hard on the program and know it will serve you well. It would be our privilege to contribute to the recovery even in some small way. Please reach out and let us know how we can help, and forward this message to your fellow Texas educators.


Barbara diSioudi

CEO, ORIGO Education

Kathy Carter

Resource Advisor, ORIGO Education

North Texas


Yanira Ruiz-Rodriquez

Resource Advisor, ORIGO Education

South Texas


At ORIGO Education we make learning

meaningful, enjoyable, and accessible for all students.