Math Content Standards

Dig In to the Standards

Welcome and Introductions

Share Out Writing Strategies

In your table groups, share out some of the writing strategies you have implemented or fine tuned this year. Share out as a whole group. Beg, Steal, and Borrow as needed...

Share out how you have used writing frames in your class, What subject areas have you used them in?, What has worked?, What has not worked?, How would you like to use them?, What would you like to use them for?, and if there is time, discuss the barriers of writing frames and how you have or can overcome them.

Use the Two Column Notes to capture any ideas you would like to use.

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Unpacking the Standards

Quick Write

  • Free Write - writing on an assigned topic for a short amount of time (brain dump)

    • Topic - How do you utilize your Curriculum Guide when planning Mathematics instruction?

We are going to take a deeper look at the Math standards for Fourth quarter. This will help us in implementing our RtI strategies as well as expanding our knowledge of the Math Content in our Curriculum. We will split into groups and work on unpacking one of the standards for Fourth quarter using the template provided.



  • Each table group will work on one standard from the 4th Quarter

  • Teams will work together to complete the unpacking template for your standard

  • Each group will need a recorder and a presenter

  • Access the 4th grade Math Curriculum Guide and locate your standard

  • Type the standard in the top box

  • Discuss and Identify what the standard REALLY means

  • Misconceptions? Best Practices/Resources? Intervention ideas? Enrichment ideas? Writing Connections? Assessment Ideas?

  • How can you teach this standard using the C-R-A model?

  • Plan presentation to the whole group (each group will have up to 10 minutes to present). You may want to model concrete ideas with manipulatives, or representation ideas on chart paper or the white board.

Share out as a Whole Group

Share out in the large group what you discovered with this standard as you dug deeper into the curriculum guide. Be specific so that all teachers can convey the knowledge you gained to all teachers. Use the two-column notes to capture any ideas that you would like to take back to school with you.
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