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Malawi is a landlocked country located in southeast Africa. It is bordered by Zambia, Tanzania, and Mozambique.


Citizens are dependent on Lake Malawi as their main source of water, this lake is the country's most prominent physical feature. It contains more fish species than any other lake on Earth. Malawi is one of the smallest country's in Africa; Lake Malawi takes up one-third of the entire country.


Malawi has a sub-tropical climate. Its rainy season lasts from November to May; its dry season is from May to November.

History & Government

Established in 1891, Malawi was procreated by Britain. Originally Nyasaland, Malawi eventually became an independent nation in 1964. It became a multi-party deomcracy after three-decades of one party rule. The country began to prosper economically under the rule of President Bingu, who passed away unexpectedly in 2012. Issues Malawi faces today include population growth, increasing pressure on agriculture lands, corruption, and the spread of the HIV/AIDS virus.


Malawi is often referred to as the "warm-heart of Africa," due to the friendliness of its citizens. Malawians typically live with their extended families in huts that are grouped together as a village. Life in a tribe allows Malawians to experience a spirit of cooperation because family members share work and resources.

Men have no specific national wear, their wardrobe mainly consists of western clothing such as jeans and t-shirts; however there are a number who wear religious robes or clothing. Women traditionally wear a Chitenje, similar to a sarong, matching headcloth and blouse if they can afford it.

English and Chewa are the most widely spoken languages in Malawi. Enlgish is the country's official language.

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Weaknesses of Malawi

Malawi is amongst the worlds least-developed countries. Its economy is heavily based on agriculture, which can be an obstacle because agriculture depends on various uncontrollable factors such as the weather. Malawian government officials are often accused of corruption and fraud. The government itself depends heavily on aid from other countries, however outside assistance has continuously declined since 2000. The Malawian government struggles mainly consist of building and expanding their economy, improving their educational and health care system, environmental protection and achieving financial independence.
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Strengths of Malawi

Malawi is rich with influence from other countries in Southern Africa as well as overseas. Malawi has a pro-Western policy and has positive diplomatic relations with most countries. While Malawi has many issues, it is showing improvement due to programs implemented in 2005 to improve economic growth, education and healthcare. The country's outlook overall appears to be improving due to these programs.

Which physical feature takes up one-third of Malawi?

What is one of Malawi's weaknesses?

What is the prevalent language in Malawi?