Karaoke-ing For A Good Cause!

Come join us for night of laughs, songs and fundraising!

Mark Your Calendars, Our special Night Is Coming Soon!

Join the Sustainability Club for a night of karaoke and fun! The Sustainability Club strives for all aspects of sustainability on the Laurier campus making every single person feel as welcome as they possibly could. We need your help to improve life on campus and expand positively in every way from the economy, environment and equity! There will be appetizers circling throughout all night and special prizes for winners in different categories! Come jump up on stage and show us what you got!

Details for upcoming events, fundraising and more information on the Sustainability Club will be presented at 9pm, the night of the event.

$5 per person

$20 for groups of 5

Karaoke Night

Friday, Dec. 18th, 8pm

Turrit Nightclub - Wilfrid Laurier University

7:30- Doors are open! (Please leave e-mails at the door)

8:20- Opening Speech and Presentation

8:45- Let the Singing Begin!

MIDNIGHT- Winding down and closing presentation

Following Day- An e-mail including video footage from the night before, information packages and another opportunity to give back will be sent out!