Dale Fultz~1/13/15~6 block

Organization and Requirements

To be a true AVID student, you have to be organized. What that means is that you need to have a clean and organized binder with folders for every class, all your supplies in one place, graded papers in order, and your homework or projects in a seperate file. We have a binder check every other week. That binder check contains having all of your supplies, your work is seperated for different classes, and along with your work being in order by date.

Taking Cornell Notes

Along with the binder check we also cornell note checks too. The amount of notes we turn in a week is all up to the teacher. It could range from 1 to 8 pages, usually it is just 5. We take cornell notes to get a better understanding of a subject or topic you don't feel to strong about. Then you study them. Your not soposed to just throw them out and never see them again, thats the reason you took them in the first place! Here is an example of cornell notes below.

Public speaking

As an AVID student you can't be shy...at all. You are going to have to speak out loud at some point in the class, and now that you know you might as well start practicing now and get rid of the quiet person and get the brave bold you out and go for it!