getting educated on internet safety

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Protect Yourself Online

Using internet safety is the way to go! Knowing what is going on around you online is the safest thing for anyone. That is why we will learn how to use the internet correctly!
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Click the link below to read more about netiquettes golden rule: Remember the human!
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How will netiquette help?

When using the internet, most people do not tend to use proper etiquette which can end up being a problem, and that is why we will use netiquette so that we may use the internet safely. Netiquette will definitely help to answer any questions we have over the internet. Questions such as, When do I include a subject line in an email? or What should I do before posting to a discussion group? These are just some of the questions that may be asked over online safety and netiquette has the answer to these questions. Below is a link you can use to find some core rules of netiquette.