The Titanium Woman

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Who Is Samus?

Samus is a human who was adopted by an alien race called Chozo and taken to a planet called Zebes at age three, because Earth had been destroyed by Space Pirates. There the Chozo infused her with their DNA and raised her to become a warrior. Once she reached adult hood she was given a Titanium suit from the Chozo, and decided to join the Federation police. Although, eventually decided to leave and become a free lance bounty hunter. She has become notorious for the accomplishments of the destruction of the space pirates base and the extermination of the metroid species. Samus's number one enemy is Ridley, he killed her parents when she was three.

This Is Samus's Suit

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This Is Samus's Plasma Beam

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Samus's abilities

  • Samus's suit improves human abilities like strength and speed.
  • The lightweight suit has thrusters on the back of it to use for agility maneuvers.
  • Titanium is natuarly very resistant to erosion so her suit is immune to most poisons and acids.
  • Since titanium has a very melting point and is a bad conductor of heat and electricity Samus can be exposed high levels of heat and electricity in it and not be injured or harmed.
  • Since Titanium is resistant to heat it allows a built in plasma beam and heat syncing missiles to fire directly from the suit.
  • Since Samus's suit is so lightweight it has an alternative form as a small ball, it can drop small bombs without damaging the suit.
  • The suit has razor sharp spikes on the elbows and knees that Samus can use for close combat attacks.
  • Since Titanium is so light weight and strong she has a gunship made entirely out of Titanium.

This Is Samus's Gunship

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This Is Samus's Morph Ball Alternative form

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This Is Samus Fighting Her Nemesis Ridley

Metroid Other M - Ridley Boss Battle (Hard Mode)


Titanium's chemical symbol is Ti and its atomic number is 22 and it's atomic mass is 47.90. Titanium has 22 protons, 22 electrons, and 26 neutrons. Titanium is an extremely strong metal and doesn't corrode easily. Titanium is a metallic grey-silver. Titanium is also a poor conductor of electricity and heat. Titanium was discovered by William Gregor in 1791 and he named it after the "Titans". Titanium is used in aircraft engines and airframes. It is also used for replacement hip joints. Titanium is also used in nuclear, oil and chemical industries where corrosion is likely to occur.