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Why should I use Skype in my classroom?

Bring experts into the classroom!

Collaborate with other classes outside of Chapel Hill, Texas, and even the US.

It's cheaper than a field's FREE!

How can I use Skype?

  • Skype with your class while you are away.
  • Invite guest speakers into your class.
  • Use in language classes to practice conversing with native speakers (or others learning just like your students).
  • Connect with students who are unable to attend class.
  • Connect with other classrooms locally, nationally, or internationally.

Resources for Using Skype

Skype in Education - website maintained by Skype to connect teachers with other classrooms and with experts from around the world.

The Complete Guide to the Use of Skype in Education - The name of this website pretty much explains it all. The site includes several instructional videos about Skype that begin with how to create an account and work through using Skype in class and sharing your computer screen during a Skype call.

TCEA's Lunch and Learn - Experts in the Classroom - The resources shared during this TCEA webinar are not limited to Skype. In addition to giving you some more ideas on how to expand the walls of your classroom, they've included some very helpful tips on video conferencing that you might want to check out and share with your classes before you hold your first Skype video chat.

E-Pals - While not limited to Skype, E-Pals is a great way to collaborate with others. The classroom profiles will indicate teachers who are willing to communicate by Skype, and you can search for projects that include Skype. E-Pals also includes a project template for a Mystery Skype.

Mystery Skype - This blog post is by a teacher who explains her first Mystery Skype experience. She includes the procedures she used before and during the call, including different roles assigned to students during the call. She also includes links to some other resources she used in preparing for their Mystery Skype. If your interested in a Mystery Skype, this is VERY helpful.

Gena Montgomery

I am the Technology Integration Specialist at Chapel Hill ISD in Mt. Pleasant, TX.