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Did you know that adult salamanders live on land and that their babies live in water? when the salamanders change shape after the metamorphosis stage they live on dry land.


Salamanders look like slimy bags of jelly. They look scaly and smooth. They have big eyes. They have 4 legs and a tail. They crawl on water and land. Some are thin and short. They are spotted and colorful. They have gooey feet and arms. They come out in fall. Some go underneath water and come back out.They shed their skin and eat it yuck. They have long tongues. They are 4 to 6 inches and 10 to 15 centimeters long. Salamanders use their short legs and long tails to swim and walk.


North American salamanders live in Canada and in the United States. Some other species live in the Southeast. If you want to find salamanders you can look in woodlands, brooks, ponds, and swamps. Most salamanders breathe air and live on land. Some live in water and come back out. They also live under stones,logs,and leaves. Some species live in caves.

Young salamanders are called larvas. Species of salamanders change from water- breathing larvas to air- breathing adults. Salamanders can die if they are hot or dry. They must keep their skin wet and cool. Salamanders do NOT move very fast. Some catch quick prey with tongue. Salamanders shed their tail to escape an attack.

Salamanders are amphibians. Salamanders are slimy creatures. Salamanders have long tongues between their teeth.Some salamanders are nocturnal.