Save the Grey Wolves!

Angel Tanner

What you should know!!!!

Did you know that the ferruginious hawk from Texas is on the endangered species list? Along with a million other species this hawk is just one of thousand endangered.

Reasons to help endangered animal:

Animals such as the hawk mentioned earlier are very important to the environment because they keep field mice populations down. With out this hawk the field mice would eat all the seed and crops wouldn't be able to grow.

Nothing is useless in this world

Everything in the world is here for a reason. Without so many plants and animals we wouldn't be able to survive. If animals keep becoming extinct then eventually so will we, if you don't want to become just as extinct as the wooly mammoth maybe you should try and prevent animal extinction too!

Here are some ways to prevent it:

Stop hunting endangered animals even if its not it can be in a matter of years. Prevent habitat destruction. Stop taking animals out of their natural habitat an putting them in zoo's.
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Understand this:

Mountains and valleys are being destroyed for new towns and cities, animals are decreasing because of lose of habitat. They can't adapt quick enough to survive the new turain and the animal just dies off. If we can stop the destruction of wildlife we can save animals big and small.
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Now you know:

Now that you know what goes on to cause animal endangerment you can prevent it. If you love animals you can find organizations to help save them.
Thank You for reading this flyer. Have a wonderful day! :D