Halloween in Different Countries

Czechslovakians Place Empty Chair for Dead Family Member

Halloween around the World!

Did you know Halloween is celebrated all over the world?See below to read about how different countries celebrate:

Austria -before halloween night people leave bread, water and lighted lamps on the table to would welcome the dead souls back to earth on a night that Austrians considered to be magical.

Did you also know that in Czechoslovakia in Halloween night people set chairs by the fireset. There is one chair for each living family member’s spirit.

Belgium believe that is bad luck if a black car cross one’s path and also unlucky if it should enter home or travel on a ship. Halloween night is they light candles in memory of dead relatives.

Mexico Halloween is known as “ El Dia De Los Muertos “ . Mexican families remember their dead by gathering at the grave sitr with food to sharing with each others story’s of how there relatives died

Halloween, Ireland and United States, children get dressed up in costumes and spend the evening “trick-or-treating” . At the parties, many games are played, including “snap-apple,” a game in which an apple on a string is tied to a doorframe or tree and players attempt to bite the hanging apple.

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