The ins & outs of funeral planning

The one thing you never thought to plan

What did they want?

Did your loved one ever take the time to talk about what they wanted for their final send off? Did they have a favorite song, or preference on where flowers should be sent? Were they an organ donor, did they want open or closed casket? These are all decisions that will have to be made, and can be specific to truly reflect on the life that your loved one lived.

Burial or Cremation?

Some religions have rules regarding the preservation or cremation of a persons remains, knowing the religion of your loved one or where they attended services can help you to figure out what end of life decisions will have to be made. Contacting someone at their place of worship to lead the funeral or memorial service can be a great way to determine these factors. Once this is determine then it is time to think about where the remains will be put at rest, has a plot already been purchased or is there somewhere the family has set aside to have everyone together?

Funeral and Memorial Service price planning

Funerals can be costly and can sometimes leave a large burden to a family. Planning ahead with a life insurance policy can help life that burden. If this option was not around there are a variation of packages at different price points that can cater to your needs. If an elaborate celebration of life is what you are looking for them payment plans may be available. Contact our office for a consultation.