Cyber Bullying

How to help stop cyber bullying

Cyber bullying is something that happens every day. Even if it may seem like its ok it’s not. Every day someone is being cyber bullied and they may not talk about it but you can see it. That is why you need to step in or try to communicate with them so it can stop. You never know it can be a friend or a loved one, and even sometimes be YOU. So step in and help, even if they say it’s ok. It’s not a game.

Some tips on how to prevent cyber bullying.

1. Tell a trusted adult what is happening if you are the victim, or if you know someone who is.

2. Change you Facebook name or whatever has your real name on it.

3. Put anything you have on privacy that is on the internet to where only your friends can see.

4. Don’t talk or friend any one you do not know in reality.

5. Always tell a trusted adult what you are or were doing on whatever site you were or are on.

6. Make sure you do not have anything personal on the internet.

Here are some web sites to help you get help or a better understanding.