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By: Emma Sexton

Switzerland Physical Features/ Appetizer

The Pink Lake

The pink lake is a salt lake in the regions of Western Australia. It's real name is Lake Hillier and it lives on the largest islands that make up the Recherche Archipelago off the coast of Esperance. From above it looks like a solid bubble gum pink. It is not the only pink lake in the world. If you have ever wanted to be pink, then try swimming in the pink lake and it will turn you pink.

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St. Stephen's Day/ Dessert

The Feast of Saint Stephen on December 26 is a public holiday in large parts of Switzerland. The observation is nowadays commonly considered the second and last day of Christmas. However, according to Christian liturgy it does not have anything to do with the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ but is a religious holiday in its own right.

Many people in Switzerland spend St. Stephen's Day with family and friends. Some may attend a church service, others use the last work-free day of the Christmas period to relax at home or go on long walks or skiing trips.

According to the Bible, Saint Stephen was a contemporary of Jesus Christ. In Christianity, he is considered the arch martyr because he is said to be the first person executed on grounds of his Christian faith.