Allahabad Trip

George Adae-Mensah

How was the Trip? (Day 1)

When arrived to Allahabad,India it was very late, so I caught a cab to Hotel Aman Palace.While the Cab was driving, I could see a very dark cloud of dirt in the dim sky.After some research, I found out that the clouds are made of fossil fuel and biomass pollution.I also think finding an alternative energy source would greatly help with the thickening pollution.I checked in to my hotel and got cozy. Tomorrow was the first day of my private tour! (By the way my sleep was sooooooooooooooooo good)

How was the trip? (Day 2)

I awoke bright and early. I met my tour instructor at Bean Here for breakfast, and to talk about our tour schedule today.After a delicious breakfast we went to the zoo, then we were supposed to take a canoe ride in the Ganges river but it was prohibited for sanitary reasons.We still went to the river side and I could tell this river was polluted. When I asked the tour guide he said," Sewage and waste and chemicals have been going into the river and over time the river is fully contaminated".He also told me the effects it had on all the cities.The effects were undrinkable water and the animal species were dying off. After the tour and lunch I went to sleep. Tomorrow I was coming back to America.

What I learned on this Trip

I learned-

  • The Ganges is important not only for agriculture and a freshwater source but in the Religion Hinduism.The river is worshiped by Hindus because they believe it cleanses sins.

The Ganges river starts at the Himalayan Mountains then ended at the Bengal Bay.

  • People need to preserve natural resources like trees,water , and even air because no matter what we all need resources like that.

Thank you for following me on this Amazing Journey. I recommend you take this trip it teaches you alot of life values and morals.