Number the Stars by Lois Lowry

Making Meaning from My Reading

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Respond to the following three questions on a Pages document (labeled with your name/date) in paragraph form, save it to your reading folder, and submit it to the Quickwrite drop box in the Number the Stars folder in Angel.

  1. If it became necessary to place yourself in harm's way to save another person; would you do it and why? Explain.
  2. If you were forced to leave where you are currently living during the middle of the night and asked to pack only what you could carry in one suitcase; what would you pack and why? Explain.
  3. How would you feel if someone took your suitcase of important belongings from you and you were never to see these cherished items again?
Chapter 1 Video/Audio

View the audio with a partner. Task: Listen to Chapter 1. Think about what questions you may have concerning the setting, the characters, or the events that occur. Pause the video as needed and record your questions on the Generating Questions Form.

Generating Questions GoogleDoc

World War II Mini-Research