Kidness can Cure

Being kind is a choice, being treated kind is a privilege

Why Should I be Nice?

Being nice in a healthcare facility can help by having others treat you nice back, giving you excellent care. Being nice to neighbors in the healthcare facility can help you meet new people and make new friends. You can hear great stories and learn new things. Showing kindness can bring you respect, which is important in life to have. Having respect means that people like you, and agree with you. Those who respect you will be there for you, and be loyal to you. Having respect is a great thing to have, especially in a healthcare facility. Kindness is step one to achieving respect.
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Its not Just for Grown Ups

Being kind applies to all ages, even to teenagers. You might have a hard time being kind if someone is rude to you, but if they are rude they will have no respect. You will only be praised more if you are not rude back. You can walk away, say something nice back, or just plain apologize even if it isn't your fault. Make sure that you do NOT answer with another rude comment, or something that can be taken in a really rude way. Also make sure that you do not say something back to them that they can argue with you about. Always try to end the conversation quickly. Remember that the more that you continue a conversation with someone who is being rude to you, the more that you get inpatient and mad.
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