Jane Ball Happenings

Week of Dec 8-Dec 12

Minds in Motions

Shout out to Tracey Lakomek on presenting some awesome information to us!

Team please remember that we need your feedback! Please brainstorm possible uses of Minds in Motion and give to your Team leader to share at our next team meeting. We will create an implementation plan including additional training that can be done for ALL classrooms at Jane Ball.

What's Happening next week!


Santa's Secret Shop

Acuity Testing

8:00 School Improvement team in Library


8:00 Team Meetings- Deb will be at Grade 5 Meeting

6:00 pm Board Meeting


8:00 RTI meeting Marcie's Room

8:30-3:00 Assessment Design Team

3:30 PTO meeting

Print Deficiency Reports


DATA Meetings GRADES 3-5 ONLY during preps

Deficiency Reports go home


Staff Meeting 8:00 Marcies Room

Testing Updates

Reminder that Acuity for SS and Science starts this week. If you have questions or not sure of times/logins etc. Please see Leslie

Benchmarks are due on Dec 19.

Deficiency Reports

Just a reminder that Deficiency reports are due on Monday

They are printed on Dec 10 and go home on Dec 11.