By: Katherine Brandt


Christmas is fun because you get to see family from faraway.Every christmas eve I go to my grandma’s and grandpa’s house. Then the next morning I open presents at home , and at lunch time I go to my other grandma’s apt., and all of my step brothers, and sister, and their kids come too. It’s really fun to see them.

I also like christmas because you get presents. You get presents from almost every person in your family. Usually the presents come from your mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, and sanita.

After christmas you get to play with your toys with your friends. If you have friends on your block you can invite them over to play. Sometimes you and your friend get something that kind of goes together like two barbies, your friend can bring hers and you can both play with them.

On christmas vacation you get to play in the snow. You can make snowmen or snowfourts. You can be out there for hours. Then when you come in there is a cup of hot cocoa waiting for you.

That is why I love christmas.