6 minutes in our shoes

A wrestler's Shoe

The big day

My heart was racing,hands trembling,and my eyes were bouncing around. I knew the next 6 minutes would be a complete dogfight between us,I hated knowing that. I put my foot on the line and got ready. As soon as I heard the referee yell go,I pounced. I grabbed the back of his neck and fought to get inside control of the lock up. I finally got inside control after a while,guess he wasn't willing to fight me for it. I walked him around the ring for a while to keep him guessing. At the right moment,I went for his leg. I was successful in my single leg takedown. On the ground,he fought and fought to get on his stomach. I didn't let him. He jerked and pulled and jumped,but I used all my weight and force to pin him down. He finally gave out and let me pin him,he wasn't conditioned enough. That was the longest 6 minutes of my life.

Some of the top wrestling shoe manufacturers

These brands are guaranteed to bring comfort and high performance


The wrestling shoe,as you can see to the left,is a athletic shoe. The shoe is meant to be light and flexible so that the wrestler can move around easier with comfort. These shoes also have added traction to the bottom so the wrestler can fight against the opponent with an advantage. Another advantage that the shoe has to to offer is a higher arch. This allows the wrestler to stay on his toes and be fast.

The wrestling shoe