Tough Talk

How To Have The Conversations You’ve Been Avoiding

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Moved to a Zoom Event: Wednesday, November 25, 2020, 9-11am

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Presentation by Adam Holcombe & Gabriel Dhahan

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Tough Talk – How To Have The Conversations You’ve Been Avoiding

Communication is one of the most difficult challenges any business leader faces. Conversations around sensitive, longstanding, or difficult topics is even more difficult to handle well. How do you foster collaborative communication in your business with multiple competing ideologies, opinions, and personal histories colliding? When problems arise, what do you do when the stakes are high and the results really matter? Most people either avoid issues until they blow up or handle them in a way that causes them to escalate further.

Join Adam Holcombe and Gabriel Dhahan as they offer a third option – communicate well. They will delve into the world of tough talks, detailing a specific process to use when the stakes (and emotions) are running high in any interaction. You will work through how to recognize a Tough Talk situation, how to prepare for it, and how to avoid the major pitfalls and roadblocks to tackling the “elephant in the room”.

Together, we will cover:

  • How to identify a Tough Talk
  • What the consequences of not having a Tough Talk are
  • How to prepare for a Tough Talk
  • How to become a master of Tough Talk dialogue
  • How to deal with high-conflict people

Throughout the workshop we will breakout individually or in groups to hone our Tough Talk skills by:

  • Identifying our own personal Tough Talk
  • Answering the 3 Tough Talk questions
  • Answering the FF&E of our Tough Talk
  • And other relevant elements of Tough Talks

Come ready to engage and reflect and we’ll be sure to set you on the path to success!

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering the following, this is for you:

  • How do I handle a long-standing conflict that hasn’t been dealt with for years?
  • What are the key steps to handling a difficult or sensitive topic?
  • How can I approach the most difficult, impactful conversations that I know, if handled well, will propel my business forward?

Worth a 2-hour investment? Join us.

Adam Holcombe is a Manager at Bellrock Benchmarking Inc., a boutique management consulting firm. Adam brings a well-rounded set of professional skills gained through progressively more senior roles in small business. He has worked to learn, teach, and implement better business practices across many industries. Using his knowledge of the science and psychology of change, he is passionate about making real, lasting improvements in small businesses.

Adam earned his MBA from the Beedie School of Business at SFU. Outside of work, you will find him pursuing a secret life as a pro-level cyclist.

Gabriel Dhahan is a Manager at Bellrock Benchmarking Inc., a boutique management consulting firm. He has a wide breadth of experience working with family business clients in construction, food services, digital marketing, distribution, and more. He is passionate about solving tough problems and enjoys digging in to ensure that leaders achieve

lasting valuable change.

Gabriel earned his MBA from Royal Roads University and is a certified Family Enterprise Advisor (FEA). He serves as an Ambassador for Family Enterprise Xchange (FEX), was previously on the FEX Vancouver Advisory Board, and has participated as a mentor in YWCA’s NextStep mentorship program.

Zoom Event

Wednesday, November 25, 2020, 9-11am

Registration Required

No cost to attend

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