Vote For The Columbian Exchange !

By:Avery Robinson

The Columbian Exchange

The Columbian Exchange has effected people in many ways.The Columbian Exchange is an was meant to provide different foods to other states and countries who did not have those foods . Also the Columbian Exchange killed people but it also helped people so help me vote for the Columbian Exchange!

positive things

The Columbian Exchange has many positive things about it. Three positive things is that it provided goods for people who did not have goods , also it was easier because they would not have to travel far away to get different foods to cook with , and lastly it gave us trade routes.

negative things

The columbian Exchange also has negative things about it like illnesses such as smallpox and influenza (flu), another thing is the potato fungus, it killed many people,the last thing is that the Columbian Exchange is some people had to become slaves

Columbian Exchange

you should vote for the columbian Exchange because it provided goods for us and without it people would not be able to cook the things to day
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