My Journey Into Leadership

Jennifer Elder

My Coursework


My Diversity class is where I began my journey into leadership. It broadened my views and opened my heart to ideas which before had made me very uncomfortable. I now see people and students with more compassion and empathy. I know our differences can enhance each other's lives.
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Technology is an ever changing and imperative part of today's classroom. I feel that this class helped to prepare me for returning to the classroom and eventually a leadership role. This is especially true as I seek to prepare my future students for their future.
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Both my research class as well as the seminar I took over the summer of 2014 gave me insight into how research can be used to better education. I also had the opportunity to research and present possible solutions for real world problems in today's schools. I now have a better understanding of the process necessary to use research to affect change.
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Leadership and Supervision

When I first started my program, I had no idea the effect that my leadership classes would have on me. I have begun to own the ideal of leadership. I began this journey with Leadership Theory and Practice as I first started to consider my beliefs. As I have continued with Leadership A and B, I have gained a better understanding of who I am, what I think and believe, and what type of leader I aspire to be. We studied human attainment of knowledge, curriculum development, and supervision and much of what each of those topics entail. While my journey is not yet complete, I already see the world through a different lens. I have a strong desire to be a catalyst of change to make the realm of education a better place for all who's lives it impacts.

Where Do I Go From Here

I have already gained so much insight into the role of leadership and supervision. I look forward to continuing to gain more knowledge and perspective as I complete my program. This summer I have requested to substitute the curriculum and instruction course for my action research class. I made this request as I feel the summer course will further grow my knowledge base in curriculum and help me as a future leader in this specialty. This fall, I plan to take law and ethics and data use. Both of these courses will prepare me for the tough decisions that school leaders must regularly make. I also am still contemplating taking my practicum classes over the next two semesters so as to complete my degree by Spring 2016. I look forward to being back in the schools, learning from practicing professionals, and finding ways to improve my thinking and implementation of the wealth of information I have gained through my work thus far.
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